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Design points

  • Create an intuitive method of defining rules and automation
    • Rule language should “flow” in a way that you can read the rules out loud
  • Abstract away complexities of OpenHAB (Timers, Item.state vs Item)
  • Enable all the power of Ruby and OpenHAB
  • Create a Frictionless experience for building automation
  • The common, yet tricky tasks are abstracted and made easy. e.g. Running a rule between only certain hours of the day
  • Tested
  • Extensible
    • Anyone should be able to customize and add/remove core language features
  • Easy access to the Ruby ecosystem in rules through ruby gems.

Why Ruby?

  • Ruby is designed for programmer productivity with the idea that programming should be fun for programmers.
  • Ruby emphasizes the necessity for software to be understood by humans first and computers second.
  • For me, automation is a hobby, I want to enjoy writing automation not fight compilers and interpreters
  • Rich ecosystem of tools, including things like Rubocop to help developers create good code and cucumber to test the libraries
  • Ruby is really good at letting one express intent and creating a DSL within ruby to make that expression easier.