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state? returns true if all the given items have a valid state (not UNDEF or NULL).

itemsOne or more items to check
things:Default: false - do not check for linked things status. When things: is set to true, only return true when all things linked to the items are in the ONLINE state.


if state? Item1, Item2 
  average = (Item1 + Item2)/2 # Neither Item1 nor Item2 is UNDEF/NULL

or in a rule guard

rule 'calculate' do
  changed Item1, Item2
  only_if { state? Item1, Item2 }
  run { "Average of Item1 and Item2: #{(Item1 + Item2) / 2}}" }

It can take an array of items:

calculated_items = [ Item1, Item2 ]

rule 'calculate' do
  changed calculated_items
  only_if { state? calculated_items }
  run { "Sum of Item1 and Item2: #{calculated_items.sum}" }