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Player Items allow control of elements like audio players, televisions, etc. All methods of the underlying OpenHAB Player Item exist along with Ruby like method / extensions

playSend PLAY command to
pauseSend PAUSE command to itemitem.pause
rewindSend REWIND command to itemitem.rewind
fast_forwardSend FASTFORWARD command to itemitem.fast_forward
nextSend NEXT command to
previousSend PREVIOUS command to itemitem.previous
playing?Returns true if item state == PLAYputs "#{} is playing" if item.playing?
paused?Returns true if item state == PAUSEDputs "#{} is paused" if item.paused?
rewinding?Returns true if item state == REWINDputs "#{} is rewinding" if item.rewinding?
fast_forwarding?Returns true if item state == FASTFORWARDputs "#{} is fast forwarding" if item.fast_forwarding?


Start play on a player item

Check if a player is paused

logger.warn("#{} is paused) if Chromecast.paused?