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This class extends the RollershutterItem type with additional methods

up?Returns true if item state == UPputs "#{} is up" if item.up?
down?Returns true if item state == DOWNputs "#{} is down" if item.down?
upSend UP command to itemitem.up
downSend DOWN command to itemitem.down
stopSend STOP command to itemitem.stop
moveSend MOVE command to itemitem.move
positionGets the position of the rollershutterputs "#{} is at #{item.position} percent"


Roll up all Rollershutters in a group


Log a warning for all rollershutters that are not up

Shutters.reject(&:up?).each do |item|
  logger.warn("#{} is not rolled up!")

Set rollershutter to a specified position

Example_Rollershutter << 40