OpenHAB JRuby helper library can be installed as a Gem

    • Given Clean OpenHAB with latest Ruby Libraries
  • Tags: @reset_library

    Install OpenHAB helper library

    • Given OpenHAB is stopped
    • And GEM_HOME is empty
    • And a services template filed named "jruby.cfg"
      org.openhab.automation.jrubyscripting:gem_home=<%= gem_home %>
      org.openhab.automation.jrubyscripting:rubylib=<%= ruby_lib_dir %>
    • When I start OpenHAB
    • Then It should log "Rule engine started" within 180 seconds
    • Then a deployed rule
        logger.debug "OpenHAB JRuby Scripting Library Loaded at Version:  #{OpenHAB::VERSION}"
    • Then It should log "OpenHAB JRuby Scripting Library Loaded at Version:" within 180 seconds